Value Added Services
LCD Kits

VC Displays, represents engineered LCD solutions/kits for both standard and custom electronic products to a large variety of markets including the
OEM, medical, industrial, automotive, computer, financial, point-of-sale, aerospace, and military markets.

The products VC Displays provides have been widely used in digital multimeters, electronics testers and equipment, fax machines, telephones,
electronic scales, digital clocks and watches, charge meters of taxis, display panels of hi-fi audio systems, POS, air conditioners, various remote
controls, digital calendars, temperature/humidity displays, control boards of automobiles and motorcycles, digital meters and messaging systems,
GPS devices, digital signage solutions, video walls,  PDAs and mobile computers.


VC Displays staff will work closely with your engineering department and can quickly respond to your requirement with a solution that fits your needs,
and we will help you find and develop a display solution perfect for your application.

VC Displays represents manufactures that are ISO certified factories who can offer you Alphanumeric, COB, COG, TAB LCD module; TN, HTN, STN,
FSTN, DFSTN, Black mask LCD panel PM-OLED, AM-OLED, and Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD), and Customized LCDs including special shape
LCDs, all kinds of LED BACKLIGHT.